All the new DE bulb products are ready to take your garden to the next level. Inventory has never been higher at BIGS; we have more in stock today ready for the smallest or largest grow room. BIGS pulls in new exciting products weekly.The industry has been coming up with so many new mind blowing products so fast, it's hard to keep up and weed through the bull. Let BIGS do the dirty work and take out the guess work. We test all products and have no problem telling you what we think.


Come check us out for all your indoor growing needs. 

Seedling Heat Mat
Pesticides / Fungicides
Trim Bins
Storage Solutions
Dry Racks
Dimlux Expert 1000w
Maxi Controller
Dimlux Expert Series
Mills Nutrients
T5 2ft 8 Bar
Bigs Hydroponics
Bigs Hydroponics
Lights, Ducting, Reflecters
Bigs Hydroponics
Method 7
Bigs Hydroponics
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