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There are many examples of biostimulants. Some can be as simple as elemental nutrients that are required for microbial life. Others, such as composts, require special care and equipment. Certain biostimulants are really bio-augmenters, which add a live culture to the soil. The need for biostimulants is recognized by more and more growers each year. With greater demand more options are developed with some options working better than others.


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Many other products available. Environmental controls, CO2 emitters, and burners, grow trays, reservoirs, hydroponic systems, ducting, lawn equipment, pots and containers and more. Come in and check it out!


BIGS carries some of the best mitacides in the world. We like to start off gardeners with something less toxic then move to the most toxic products. Mites will become immune to mitacides and require the mixed use of different products to combat immunity.

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